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Upcoming events

    • January 25, 2025
    • January 26, 2025
    • Franklin Community High School

    ICTM 2025 Conference

    Call for Speaker Proposals

    ICTM is Going Back to the Future!

    This year the Indiana Conference of Teachers of Mathematics is going back to a conference focused on all things MATH! This RETRO themed conference will focus on futuristic ideas for engaging all students in being problem solvers. Strands include (but are not limited to):

    1. Back to the Basics: Revisiting Fundamental Concepts in Mathematics: Going back to the roots of math by revisiting foundational concepts and exploring their significance in the scaffold of skills

    2. Mathematic Remix: Blending Old and New Perspectives: Mixing classic math concepts with modern innovations and strategies

    3. Throwback Tech: Retro Computing in Mathematics: Exploring the role of programing, coding, and algorithms in computational methods today.

    4. Nostalgic Numbers: Exploring Mathematical Curiosities and Oddities: Investigating quirky mathematical phenomena, puzzles, paradoxes and mysteries as engagement techniques.

    5. Mathematical Heritage: Preserving and Promoting Mathematical Culture: Reflecting on the rich cultural heritage of math from around the world and exploring efforts to make math equitable for future generations.

    6. Retro-futurism: Imagining Mathematics of Tomorrow, Inspired by Yesterday: Exploring the possibilities of tomorrow's mathematical landscape.

    Deadline for proposals: September 17, 2024

    We welcome a diverse set of speakers with the goal of enriching the experience of conference attendees. Proposals should focus on the presenters' work and not offer any endorsements to specific products or services available on the market or for a fee. Commercial organizations need to register as an exhibitor.

    You will be asked for the following information:

    • Presentation title (up to 15 words).
    • Presentation description for program (up to 40 words).
    • Strand
    • Audience for your presentation
    • Additional information providing some detail about the content of your session, how it addresses the conference theme [IF APPLICABLE and the strands selected], and how you plan to engage the audience (up to 100 words).
    • Presenter biography (up to 100 words).
    • Co-presenters information. List of co-presenters, their emails, their titles, and their institutional affiliation.

    We will provide free WiFi in the conference rooms and conference space, a screen, and an LCD projector. 

    Presenters need to bring their own laptop, as well as an adapter for the projector if needed.

    The lead presenter of each accepted proposal will receive registration for the conference at no cost.

    Vendors wishing to present must register as vendors or sponsors.

    Questions? Please contact IndianaCTM@gmail.org

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