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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

    • June 01, 2023
    • 6:00 AM
    • August 31, 2023
    • 11:59 PM
    • Marriott East, Indianapolis, Indiana (Feb 2024)

    2024 HASTI - ICTM Conference
    Call for Speaker Proposals

    Conference Theme

    Math and Science: Cultivating Curiosity, Deepening Discovery

    Conference Dates

    Sunday - Tuesday Feb 18-20, 2024

    Speaker Contact Persons

    John Riley (Mathematics all levels), john.riley@rileymath.com

    Conference Strands

    Leveraging Assessment

    • Assessment as a way to show evidence of students’ varied strengths and gifts

    • Making a product and demonstrating knowledge via means other than tests, such as presentations, posters, models, etc.

    • Preference will be given to proposals that share rubric(s) or other grading criteria 

    Developing Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable and Supportive Classrooms

    • Best practices and inclusive strategies for reaching ALL learners in ways that are equitable and affirming

    • Social-Emotional Learning activities

    • Preference will be given to proposals that describe how barriers to learning are removed for learners

    Inspiring Instruction 

    1. Inventive ways of implementing Three Dimensional Teaching in science and Process Standards in mathematics
    2. Strategies that encourage curiosity and discovery in learners (phenomena, projects, problems, etc.)
    3. Preference will be given to proposals that include plans for complete lessons or units that teachers have actually run in their classrooms

    Developing, Mentoring, and Coaching Teachers

    1. Practices, Structures, and Supports that Empower Teachers to Develop their Craft
    2. Growing leaders and supporting professional learning communities
    3. Leveraging our positions to advocate for all our students

    Building Thinking Classrooms and Mathematical Mindsets 

    Growth Mindset coaching & Intervention

    HASTI Specific Strands:

    • “To Boldly Go”...

      • Encouraging students to think about space, exploration of our universe, and eclipses

      • How can we use earth/space based phenomena to excite and engage students?

      • Teaching earth/space based learning within the NGSS framework

    • Science & STEM Literacy

      • How literacy and science/STEM work together to cultivate science/STEM literate students

      • Presenters will share specific resources (books, websites, articles, blogs, etc) that they have used in their classroom

      • Teaching students how to read/write and use primary sources

    Proposal Deadline

    August 31, 2023 by 11:59 p.m. EST

    Speaker Categories

    We welcome a diverse set of speakers with the goal of enriching the experience of conference attendees. Proposals should focus on the presenters' work and not offer any endorsements to specific products or services available on the market or for a fee. Commercial organizations need to register as an exhibitor. Speakers can only be in a maximum of two proposals. Commercial organizations, nonprofit organizations, or educational agencies, can submit a maximum of two proposals. You will be asked to select one of the following speaker categories for each proposal. 

    • Inservice/Retired Teacher/Educator
    • Preservice Teacher
    • Nonprofit Organization/Government Agency
    • Exhibitor
    • Math/Science Consultant

    Proposal Information

    The Program Committee will make decisions about acceptance for all proposed sessions. You will be asked to provide the following information:

    • Presentation title (up to 15 words).
    • Presentation description for program (up to 40 words).
    • Topics from the list above to be addressed.
    • Presentation information. Providing some detail about the content of your session, how it addresses the conference theme and the strands selected, and how you plan to engage the audience (up to 100 words).
    • Co-presenters information. List of co-presenters, their emails, their titles, and their institutional affiliation.
    • Audience for your presentation
    • Presenter biography (up to 100 words).

                  Important Speaker Information

                  • We will provide free WiFi in the conference rooms and conference space, a screen, and an LCD projector. A few speakers will be available to check out if you need audio with a video. 
                  • Presenters need to bring their own laptop and bring an adaptor for the projector if needed.
                  • All presenters need to pay full registration for the conference.
                  • Vendors wishing to present must register as vendors or sponsors.

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