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The Active 8 Summer PD Follow-Up

September 28, 2016 12:03 PM | Anonymous

ICTM sponsored The Active 8: Indiana Standards for Mathematical Processes workshop this summer. Ninety-two educators representing several schools across the state attended 5 hours of professional development with an emphasis on engaging students in the mathematical process standards as they ae also learning the content standards.

ICTM partnered with the Southern and West Central Indiana Educational Service Centers to make this possible. Many thanks to Carla Westphal & Associates, Inc. for providing a conference discount on selected resource materials to support transforming our classrooms into rich and engaging learning environments and McGraw-Hill for providing lunch.

The presenters, Nick Flowers, Allana Hodge, Sara Hunter, Kim Johnson, Jane Mahan, Dr. Doris Mohr, Angela Moreman and Melissa Pickens, helped participants dig deep into the language of the standards and provided suggestions and activities for making them relevant and alive in classrooms. A few comments from participant feedback follow:

I valued…

“the resources shared and collaboration with other schools.”

“strategies to help teach the process standards.”

I gained…

“insight into what the process standards entail along with many helpful strategies and activities for putting them into use.”

“quick tips to use with students.”

Thanks to all that participated this summer!

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