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Fall 2016 Elections

Welcome to the 2016 elections! Please read the bios below, and then vote for 1 candidate for each position by using the Google Form below. Voting is due by October 28th. Thank you!


Travis K. Miller - Dr. Travis K. Miller earned both his master's degree in Applied Mathematics and doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Purdue University. He is entering his sixth year of teaching mathematics at the University of Indianapolis, where he serves as chair of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science. Previously, Travis was a faculty member for 4 years at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. At both institutions he has enjoyed the opportunity of focusing on mathematics content courses for elementary education majors while also supervising secondary mathematics education majors during student teaching and teaching an assortment of university-level general education math courses. Travis has previously served as a board member and newsletter editor of the Hoosier Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (HAMTE), two terms as chair of the membership committee of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), and as co-chair of the inaugural Early Career Teachers Day of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM). He continues to serve as a member of AMTE's Affiliate Connections Committee. His research has focused upon the meaningful integration of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics, ranging from theoretical frameworks for implementing technology to practical implication of using online discussion forums and clickers.


Kim Matsuoka - This will be her 25th year teaching in Washington Township. During this time Kim has been a 1st grade teacher for 5 years, a 2nd grade teacher for 1 year, a multiage 1st and 2nd grade teacher for 5 years, a 4th grade teacher for 2 years, and a 5th grade teacher for 1 year. For the past 10 years she has been a Title I Math Specialist/Coach for grades K-5 and has taught summer school each summer since 2009. Next year, Kim will begin a new endeavor as the 6th grade math coach for her three middle schools.

Kim's current role has evolved from a support program into a leadership and push-in support role. Her responsibilities include providing ongoing professional development at the district and school levels, leading bi-weekly team planning with all grade level teachers, delivering push-in support for teachers, modeling lessons, scheduling teacher observations and reflections, training math interventionists, analyzing data, creating assessment schedules, and balancing the yearly Title I budget.

Over the last 6 years, Kim has also provided extra curricular activities for the students at John Strange Elementary School. She has been the Math Bowl Coach and has lead weekly practices for 3 months prior to the yearly competitions. STEM Clubs have been the most recent addition to Kim's after school  calendar. Over the last 2 years, she has provided both primary and intermediate opportunities for her school's students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The literacy specialist and her also provide after school tutoring for approximately 15 weeks during the school year as well.

Most currently, Kim has received notification of being chosen as a finalist for the 2016 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She has also become a STEM mentor for MSD Washington Township, and completed her first training at Purdue University and Butler University in June. Last year Kim was chosen for an International STEM Fellows to China Award recipient. She was also honored to have been chosen as Teacher of the Year for 3 years from various MSD Washington Township schools. In 2005, Kim was able to visit Japan after becoming a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund recipient.

Laura LaCross - For over 20 years, Laura has been teaching math to 5th and 6th grade students. Currently, she is teaching a STEM block for 6th graders at Hamilton Southeastern Schools. She has been a board member for ICTM for 2 years. Laura is on the ICTM Committee to select presenters and help with the fall conference in 2016. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Lee Strassell - Mr. Strassell earned a BS in Mathematics with a 6-12 teaching certificate from North Kentucky University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati. He has been a Mathematics educator for over 20 years - the last 16 years for Madison Consolidated. He was an adjunct faculty member of IUPUI in Columbus for 11 years. For the last 4 years, Lee has been a part-time 6-12 Mathematics coach for Madison Consolidated. Last year, he took the position of K-12 Mathematics coach while continuing to teach high school half-day for Madison. Lee has been a member of NCTM for over 20 years and was a member of MAA for several years.


Priscilla Donkle - Priscilla has taught Algebra I and Geometry in the South Central Community School Corporation. She earned a B.S. from Ball State University and an M.S. from Indiana University. She has worked with the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Professional Standards board both as a committee member and trainer. Priscilla has presented many workshops for CICTM, ICTM, IDOE, IPSB, and NCTM at state, regional, and national conferences and enjoys sharing many "hands-on" math activities with other teachers. She has worked with teacher mentor training and IPSB beginning teacher portfolio scorers training. She has also served as a mathematics teacher in residence for the Indiana Professional Standards Board. Additionally, Priscilla has worked as a guest lecturer for Purdue North Central, as an adult education teacher in Maryland Community College system, and also was a textbook reviewer for Prentice-Hall. In 1993, Priscilla also received a national Tandy/Radio Shack Technology award and a Lilly Teacher Creativity Grant.


Rebekah Baker, Ph. D. - Dr. Baker has spent the past 29 years in education. Her teaching career began with Fort Wayne Community Schools as a third grade teacher. She also had the opportunity to work with 4th and 5th grade students in the gifted education program. Rebekah returned to Anderson and taught first grade for Anderson Community Schools (ACS). After spending eight years in the classroom with ACS, she served as a school administrator (Assistant Principal, Co-Principal, and Principal). During the next seven and a half years, she worked in five of the district's schools. As a building principal, she had the opportunity to open two new elementary buildings and close one.

Dr. Baker has always enjoyed teaching mathematics and served as Co-Chair of the ACS Mathematics Adoption Committee. During her time in the classroom, she was a pilot teacher and reviewer for Houghton Mifflin Mathematics. She also attended the Math/Science/Technology Training Academy (IPS/Annenberg) to learn how to integrate these subjects and maximize learning opportunities.

Her current position is with Anderson University. I teach the STEM methods for elementary education majors and the multicultural education course for future educators. Rebekah is a member of NCTM, ICTM, and NSTA. She serves on IU's curriculum committee (Secretary 2014-2015; 2015-2016) and MOSAIC (Multicultural) Team.

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